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Student at EPITA, with a concentration in Systems, Networks and Security

I doubt that one day you will be able to read anything interesting here...

For those who don't read englishFrench version

First of all, I have to explain why I choosed to put the following links.
In 1998, www, which is in charge of maintaining EPITA's web pages, implemented a tool, whose goal was to track home page accesses at EPITA.
Being a one of the funniest guys I have ever met, I decided to cheat a little bit, to get those numbers...
Best accesses (Mai, 4 1998)
Best accesses (Mai,13 1998)
Best accesses: the real page!
Best accesses, the top list

A bunny from Intel
A bunny from AMD
Stéphane Rouyer, his page (was) the most visisted at EPITA. Noone was ever able to tell why or how but one can find more informations here .